Nicholas McCluskey

Sales Agent

About me

As a young and driven real estate professional with a tenacious drive to succeed, I am defining a new era of real estate in Newstead and its surrounding suburbs. As a local owner and investor in the area, I have immersed myself in the local community and real estate scene, developing an intimate understanding of the local market.

Approachable in nature, I believe that communication is the key to success in real estate. My unparalleled commitment to excellence has quickly made me one of the most sought-after property advisers in the area. From the initial client consultation to the final stages of the transaction and beyond, I am dedicated to elevating expectations in service and delivering exceptional results.

Forever one step ahead of the game, I am uncompromising in my dedication to continually improve and stay ahead of the curve. My intimate knowledge of the local market, combined with my refined negotiation skills and professional attitude, allow me to take my service to the next level.

My vision is mirrored in within my team, where I am committed to shaping expectations and creating a legacy of ambition, dedication, and perfection. Whether you are looking to buy or sell property in Newstead surrounds, there's something for everyone in this dynamic part of Brisbane. I am here to provide unparalleled service, foster strong relationships, and deliver outstanding results.