RETURN +20% MORE in your renovation.

Renovations are hard enough and if you don't enjoy or don't have the knowledge, let's have a talk. Obtain the best contractors and prioritize the highest yielding work. I’ve turned a low yielding unit to a high yielding investment in a week (Check out my case study Maintenance: A Chance to Renovate For Yield to see how I did this).

So your property is a little dated and you’re sick of just conducting meaningless cost recurring maintenance.

You decide to renovate but you just aren’t sure what will yield the best results and which trades to use… Well let me manage the whole process for you.

All you have to do is set the budget and approve the scope.

My renovation management services is an end-to-end project management service. It focuses on:

  • Creating a renovation scope that will be most likely to increase your yield
  • Organising quotations from multiple contractors
  • Planning an event timeline to ensure all works are completed as quickly as possible
  • Organising access for tradespeople
  • Time checking completion of stages
  • Quality checking completed items
  • Providing a personalised video for each completed item
  • Secure payment services
  • Organisation of listing/handover

I find that the thing that costs you most in a renovation is time.

The longer the property sits vacant the higher the cost to your income.

A quick turnover in a renovation is key in getting your investment back on the market and generating revenue.

With a tiered approach to the works being conducted my methods will save you money during renovation & decrease the time it takes to finish the works without sacrificing quality.

Enquire on taking up a renovation consultation now.