Dean Misters

Chief Loan Detective

About me

Our resident mortgage broker and maybe one of the best in Brisbane. With nearly a decade of financial, banking and mortgage experience in the Big 4’s, Dean’s love for what he does go beyond simply helping his clients find the suitable loan at a “competitive rate” and delivering a “personalised” experience. The ONE thing that consistently gets him jumping out of bed each morning? Being able to translate the often daunting and complex experience of getting a loan into something simple and empowering (and not scary). And being able to help and support fellow Aussie families, couples, and legends during one of the biggest most special milestone legacies in their life:
the purchase of a home.

When Dean isn’t on zoom, the phone, or communicating to relevant stakeholders about your loan via carrier pigeon, you can find him buying new wine glasses (again), and spending an easy hour at a wine emporium reading about the taste notes and the history of a bottle of wine.