Mary Buchan

Sales Agent

About me

Mary is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in the service industry, specialising in account management and supporting industry leading professionals. With a strong sales background and a commitment to excellence, Mary brings a unique perspective to real estate.

Known for their empathy, work ethic, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Mary has the innate ability to understand clients’ needs and build strong, long-lasting relationships. Their experience in the fitness and hospitality industries has honed their skills in navigating diverse personalities, providing personalised, attentive care.

Beyond their professional endeavours, Mary is an adventurous spirit who finds solace in the outdoors. Her passion for exploration fuels creativity and adaptability, directly translating into Mary’s service style.

Rooted in a solid foundation of sales expertise, complemented by exceptional interpersonal finesse, Mary epitomises a commitment to transparency and personalised service within the real estate industry. Mary is committed to providing every client with tailored attention and guidance throughout the entirety of their buying or selling journey.