Charney Swarts

Sales Associate to Alex Burchill

About me

Real Estate is not only a dream career but a deep-rooted passion for Charney. She has a fresh and unique sense of enthusiasm for all things property which is showcased within her commitment to excellence.

She has years of customer service and sales experience within many different industries, allowing her to gain valuable skills and build upon her natural talents. Charney truly understands the importance of a strong, long-lasting, and authentic relationship with people and aims to demonstrate that through her dedicated and knowledgeable services. She strives to allow everyone to feel her genuine care, compassion, and understanding, supporting people during the most exciting experience of exploring the real estate market. Her excellent eye for detail and practical experience in real estate allows Charney to fulfill her passion for helping people on their individual journeys and deliver peace of mind along the way.

Having moved to Brisbane when she was very young, she has grown to love the natural landscape diversity of the city she calls home. She enjoys many of her weekends spent exploring Brisbane and all of its surroundings, discovering many of her favorite sunny spots to relax.